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Procedures for the new version of Moodle 4.1 are currently being updated.

Organising A COURSE

How to display all the content in the new 'tile' format?

By default, the course is displayed as tiles. When you activate the Edit mode, only the tile titles are displayed. You can expand  or collapse the content of the tiles.

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How to return to the 'collapsed topics' format?

To change the course format: access the course settings, and select from the list of 'formats': Collapsed Topics

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How do I add tiles (sections) to my course?

If your new course space does not contain any sections (no tiles), or an insufficient number: switch to Edit mode and click on the 'Add tiles' icon.

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duplicating content (Moodle 4.1)

How to duplicate a resource or activity?

How to duplicate a section?

How to import all the content from one course to another one?

Add resources

How to drop one or several files by Drag&Drop

How to drop off zipped folders and file

How to add a link to a website



What is the point and how do I get a Compilatio account ?

If you want to get an account you can simply contact the helpdesk : https://campus.tbs-education.org/newticket 

I want to set up anti-plagiarism on my assignements

How do I run an anti-plagiarism check on one or more assignments ?

What other documents are my students' assignments compared with ? 

Student assignments are compared with several sources: with the TBS document library (i.e. all assignments submitted by students on Moodle and for which anti-plagiarism detection has been triggered), with documents from other institutions using Compilatio, with documents freely available on the web. Compilatio has also formed several partnerships with French publishers to provide another source of comparison. 

How do I read the analysis report ?

Your analysis is in error ?



How to recover grades for students withdrawn from a course of the pedagogical space?

How to export grades with reviewers' comments