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How do I recover my password?

NB : If you have never entered a recovery phone number or email address, please contact support at, or by email at

How to change my password?

Note : if you use the synchronization on your smartphone, you also have to update your password on your mobile settings.


What are the C@mpus services available after I complete my studies?


How to activate and recharge my Izly account ?



What's the pedagogical space?

The pedagogical space gives you access to course modules of your training. It is based on a Moodle plateform.

In each course, your teachers and their assistants provide you with course materials, links to multimedia resources but also various activities: assignments, assignments checked with anti-plagiarism system Urkund, tests (MCQ), feedback ...

Each course is divided into topics (boxes in the center of the page).

These topics can be organised by session but also by field or teacher.

For each course topic, you'll find pedagogical resources and activities.

Until when do I have access to my courses in C@mpus?

Access to your courses is possible until you become an 'Alumni'. 

How to change my profile in the pedgogical space?

Access one of your courses. On the left side, you find the 'Administration' block, click 'Profile'. You'll access your profile information, click on the tab 'Edit profile'.  

Use Moodle Mobile Application

A mobile application is available to use our pedagogical space.

During the configuration, you need to enter our plateform url :



What is your Online Office ?

The Online Office is the space that contains your work tools : your email, your personal calendar, your document storage space... All these tools are applications developed by Microsoft (Office 365 suite). 


I'm not receiving all my emails

Make sure your messages are not filed in the "Junk" folder of your inbox.

How can I receive tbs-education emails on my phone ?

By logging in via your phone on you will receive a proposal to install an application on your phone. 

You can also go to your  "store" :     

How can I create a rule for my emails ?

Rules allow you to move, mark and reply to email messages automatically. You can also use rules to move messages to folders or display new item alerts. 

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My mailbox is polluted by spam: what can I do ?

You can configure filters to stop receiving messages from one or more senders. 

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Redirect my tbs emails to another mailbox ?

To automatically forward messages to another account, please follow this procedure.

How do I organize my messages ?

You can organize your messages in folders and subfolders. 

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How do I check my class schedule in Outlook ?

From the C@mpus homepage, click on 'My Calendar' in the 'Online Office' section.  

What is the distribution period of the schedule ?

40 weeks at the date of the consultation. 

Basic features of your personal calendar 

You have the possibility to act on your personal events (add them, delete them, view them on your calendar at the same time as your course schedule).

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How much storage do I have ?

You get 5TB of storage space throughout your studies.

How long is my One-Drive available ?

Your One-Drive is only accessible while you are in school.

I become an alumni, how do I transfer my One-Drive content ?

You have the ability to back up documents from your One-Drive. 

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How do I upload a file or folder to my One-Drive ?

To upload a file or folder to your One-Drive simply click on "Load" in your space. 

How to share a file with One-Drive ?

When you are on your One-Drive, you must select the file or folder to share: you will then have the possibility to click on "Share". 

A window will open to ask you to enter the recipient's email address and to select the terms of your sharing (with the possibility of modifying the file, read only, etc.). 

How to receive a shared file ?

You will receive an email notification that someone has shared a file with you. 

You will then be able to find the shared file on One-Drive by clicking on "Shared".

MY address book, my mailing lists

How do I access my address book ? How do I use the mailing lists ?

You can access your address book by writing a new email. By selecting a recipient with "To", you will have the view on the different mailing lists you are subscribed to, with the details of their contacts. All you have to do is select a contact or a mailing list. 



What's the administrative space ?

The administrative space gives you access administrative resources for your training.


Program managers and teaching assistants provide you with administrative documents, such as 'Livrets de bord', or housing information ... They can also give you access to your grades and absences (note: these features are not used by all the programs).

The administrative space is also the place you can find online registrations for your choice of options, choice of going abroad, workshops ... and the appointments service for the organisation of your oral presentations for example. Use the administrative space

Why don't I receive email notifications when they are modifications on my administrative space ?

For the moment, there is actually no notifications when adding documents in the administrative space. This is a feature that we plan to develop. However: when adding important documents, the people in charge of your program usually inform you by e-mail. 



How to contact the IT assistant ?

The helpdesk allows you to obtain troubleshooting or advice on all computer and telephone resources. It is in charge of your request in order to bring you an answer directly or redirect it to the right interlocutor (hardware, software, educational platform, copiers and printers, telephones, etc.)

For all your requests:

Helpdesk : +33 5 61 29 48 22 (direct)


Reception is assured in room 227: Monday to Friday: 8:15 am - 6:00 pm


Reception is assured in room B010 : from Monday to Friday : 8:15 am - 5:00 pm

Some sites are blocked: is this normal ?

Indeed some sites are blocked:

For information, the average consumption of the school is 40 Mbits per second.


Collaborative room available ?

TBS offers a number of rooms where you can display your PC or MAC on a big screen without cables for yours teamworks

Link to the software 

How to reserve a room ?

TBS offers a number of rooms in the 3 buildings ALARIC, ENTIORE, LASCROSSE :

How can I manage the reservation of a room in the Alaric library?

Go to C@mpus > Other Services > Room Resources > Book a room


How to use the school Wifi ?

You can use the wireless network " WIFI_TBS " to access internet near any TBS Building.

Your computer or Macbook, must be 802.11AC compliant.

When you connect to the network, you will be asked to enter a username & password, you must use your C@MPUS to log-in on the portal.

 If the network "WIFI_TBS" does not show up on your computer, your computer may not be AC compliant and you must use an external dongle (like this one)

How can I test the school Wifi speed ?

To test the Wifi speed at school, you can use the following Speedtest tool :


How to use the school's printers ?

To use the printers at your disposal in LASCROSSES, BOSCO and ENTIORE, follow the instructions below

You can use the computers by the printers or the computers in rooms 133, 150 and 200 at Lascrosses, i138 and i139 at Entiore or 301 at Bosco (no finisher/stapling)

To use the printers at your disposal in PARIS follow the instructions below

 With a PC Windows 7 / 8 / 10

To use the printers at your disposal in ALARIC (CYBER and library), follow the instructions below


Laptop prerequisite 2022

In order to correctly follow your program, you will have to be equipped with a laptop from the beginning of the school year. 

Minimum technical requirements :


Software list

Which software are available ?

Before beginning installations

1. Prerequisite 2021_Laptops

2. Educational software

3. Students help

if you have trouble installing one of them, please contact the Helpdesk

Office 365

Microsoft Office can be downloaded from the official website.

Installation guide for Windows
Installation guide for Mac OS

It includes the following software :
- Word
- Excel
- PowerPoint
- Outlook
- OneNote

Windows 10
Microsoft Project

As part of a Microsoft partnership, you have the possibility of obtaining licenses to activate software, such as Microsoft Project or Windows 10.

Click here to access the Microsoft Azure site

How to download and install Microsoft Project

Warning : Microsoft Project doesn't work on Mac OS. You can follow the documentation "Windows on Mac OS" below to use Windows as a Virtual Machine on your Mac.

Windows on Mac OS

In order to use the differents Windows programs that are not compatible with Mac OS, you will find a documentation to use Windows for Mac OS.

Mac OS Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11), Monterey (12) or Ventura (13) ONLY.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Installation guide for Windows and MacOS

The Adobe CC Licence is available to students taking Adobe courses.

ARENA Simulation Software


Not compatible with Windows 11

Installation guide


In order to create a Qualtrics account :


no software installation

launch with google chrome


You can download the Zoom software directly from the Zoom official website.

This software is available for Windows and Mac OS.

Installation guide